Marsupial Pouch

Pygmy & Bandicoot Pouches

These zip pouches are distinctive and Handmade in Australia using vintage or repurposed fabric and zips.

Many of the pouches have outer shells of knit or crochet by the Legendary Rhonda Byers, and are one-of-a-kind. Learn more about Rhonda in Stories and Blog.

These pouches are so versatile and the benefits include; keeping small items together in a large bag, covering those ladies' items, or using as a soft wallet or clutch purse.

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Mum & Bub
pouch set

Baby Blue, $30
Enamel ladybird charm on zip pull-tab
White cotton lining with white zip in larger pouch
Blue petal print cotton lining with blue zip


Bandicoot Pouch

Essendon Stripe - The Bombers $24

Knitted by Rhonda Byers
Red & black yarn, irregular stripes
Vintage red cotton lining


Pygmy Pouch

Cinnamon Knit $15

Garter & Pearl Knit by Rhonda Byers
Cinnamon brown yarn
Vintage Desert linen lining